Thursday, May 20, 2010

One book question--and my friends coming to the rescue

This question was posted after my note Yes, I Look Like an Illegal Immigrant:

"Hello, Ms. Morales, I was wondering if you knew of a children's book or young adult novel about a high school student trying to be a normal American teenager but having to hide their parents's illegal immigrant status? After graduation , they can't get a job, drive a car, or get scholarships for college. This is for a grad project I'm working on."

I know that the voice of the community is far richer than mine alone, so I posted the question in my Facebook page. And here, in this list of recommended books I got an answer for Steve and for anyone who wants to know:

Ask Me No Questions, by Marina Budhos
Under the Feet of Jesus, by Helena María Viramontes
Pablo and Pimienta, by Ruth Covault
Friends from the Other Side, by Gloria Anzaldúa and Consuelo Mendez Castillo
Return to Sender by Julia Alvarez
La Linea, by Ann Jaramillo
Breaking Through by Francisco Jimenez
The Circuit by Francisco Jimenez
Reaching Out by Francisco Jimenez
We are Americans, by William Perez

Thank you so much for the recommendations to Scoot Beck, Ginger Knowlton, Oralia Garza de Cortes, and Sherry York.

I hope these help you, Steve.