Monday, November 30, 2009

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

NY Public Library's 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing 2009

There is my book!--The New York Public Library released their Children's Books 2009 - 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing.
Yes, that one is mine.

My friend Jim Averbeck and I have been in the look out for evidence in the existence of ghost; more specifically of the famous Mexican ghost of La Llorona).

I became interested since lots of children have reported to me (apparently school visits are a great way to collect testimonials) how THEY or someone in their family have seen or hear La Llorona crying. Have you?

Well, Jim and I have finally collected some terrifying footage, and in honor of my abuelita, who used to scared us children telling us stories, and in honor of all of the children who have told me their terrible tales, here is the video Jim and I put togehter. Watch it with caution:

Ay, Llorona from Yuyi Morales on Vimeo.

Originally post source: my blog Corazonadas

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nick Glass came visit last spring and we had a day of talking, filming, and working (and some eating of tortas de queso fresco too), and the result of his visit is now my author program available at Teaching Books Net.

If you are not familiar with Nick's work yet, let me tell you that Teaching Books Net is an amazing resource for exploring children's and young adult books and their authors. The program that Nick created about me and my work includes two mini-documentary movies (one of them in Spanish), a written interview, movie transcripts, Bibliography, and many other resources like name pronunciation for children to learn how to pronounce the names of authors like me that have weird names. You can find it all here.

Yeah, there are lots of other authors too, like my beloved Ashley Brian, the incredible Peter Sis, and many more--so worth cheking it out.