Friday, February 29, 2008

Oda a la Luna perdida (Ode to the lost moon)

I lost my Luna, the Moon, this morning
Luna color chocolate con cara de caramelo
I lost her this morning
Luna my dog

I lost her among the ancient trees and the newborn moss.
I lost her on the mountains
where the deer runs and
the cougar hides

I lost her because she was afraid
Afraid she was of two wooly dogs
like lions
who chased her away

I didn’t even have time
to tell her
that I would never let
anybody hurt her

Instead she was gone
running towards the
forbidden forest
where the magic creatures inhabit

Did any of them see my Luna?

I called my Luna many times.
I called her like Coyote calls at night
crying for his moon
I called my Luna

But she didn’t come back
and inside the forest
no creature could tell me
which way she had gone


Is that you?!
Back in the streets she was found
looking for her way home!

I licked her face and chewed on her ears
And then asked her to tell me
Please tell, Luna, tell me—about the magical things she saw
and the animals she talked to

But so far
Luna just licks my hands
and reminds silent
like the moon hiding above us

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Homemade cookies, goodies, and books

I am booked to visit Edison Charter Academy the end of May, and in preparation for the event there is some delicious fundraising happening in the streets of San Francisco. Just take a look!

Like all good love stories, this one started at the library too. It began when a little blond boy picked up my book, Little Night, at the Glen Park branch, and he decided he wanted to meet me.

Ok, we already met at a bookstore over Christmas; we shook hands, high-fived, and played with my Mexican balero toy.
But now I am coming to his school, and he and his siblings are working on earnest to bring me meet their friends. I can’t wait!

In the mean time here is their I-Love-School page (teacher #62-67224)

I am swept off my feet with these kids and their community!

At Criticas

An interview I had by Ximena Diego, a writer for Criticas, “an English speaker's guide to the Latest Spanish-language titles”

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rose’s Fliying Luchadora Boot

My friend Rose's foot is an activist, hard working, long walked, well loved appendage. But Rose went snowboarding to Tahoe and came back with Foot broken.
Since the doctor said immobilization was required, we gave Foot a new healing outfit.
Here is Foot with its new flying luchadora boot.

Friday, February 15, 2008

San Pedro Letters

The kids from San Pedro School sent me a heap of letters!
After reading what they wrote to me, I am feeling mighty good about the following:

Being smart
Being a good illustrator
Having a pretty dress
Bringing my bolsa de sorpresas
Showing kids my underwear. I got a bunch of thank-you comments for this one. But really, it wasn’t what it sounds like! For instance, I wasn’t wearing it…
Bringing my hats
Reading the kids a book
Playing with my toys
Bringing Señor Calavera
Showing my dog
Being tall (really?)
Singing a song
Taking a picture with the kids
Being the best woman ever
Rising my hands
Bringing “the man who does jumps”
Coming to San Pedro School

Clearly, these children are nice!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Things that make my corazon jump

Stop-motion. Love at first sight. It always amazes me with its impossible life. Especially when it comes in the shape of a film like Madame Tutli Putli, explained in this video:

Here are some seconds-long movies where artist Jason Walker shows side to side the before and after processing of adding human eyes to stop-motion puppets

And so, this is Madame Tutli Putli