Monday, December 31, 2012

A fruitful year

 This was such a busy and fruitful year that I had very few opportunities to write about it. Here a brief look back at what made it wonderful:

The Mexican sun in the mornings

Yotopia, its people, and the best frozen yogurt in town

Mi sisters
Tamarindo with lemon at the park in Xalapa
My brother (and the painting of his house)
Xico, where I will live some day
The publication of Gerogia in Hawaii

The last of Soli's days
Embroidering venaditos
Miguel, Sita, and my Bay Area family
El Son and zapateado in my garden
Fogo and SF Carnaval!


Kelly's graduation
Kelly's wisdom teeth extraction
Nest in unexpected places in my garden
Participating in America the Beautiful book
the arrival of Tigerand mojo

Visitors I love
Making Frida
Painting venadito
Becoming a citizen

Painting Jose's face for Dia de los Muertos celebration
planning tattoos

Getting my tattoo inked

My tattoo oulined

Voting (with my son Kelly) for the first time in our lives

Painting Frida

Making papel picado


PBS testimonial and strangers telling me they have seen me.   

Planning Kelly's tattoo
Inked tattoo

Mojo, who never left

Tim and I

May new jouneys welcome all of us. My path takes me now back to Mexico where I will live part-time huging my family, making my books, and helping Kelly to forge his own path. Much love for everybody