Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mexican summer production

At the silversmith workshop this year, Lalo taught me how to do lost wax work. I began carving and sculpting my pieces in wax.
A botanical sacred heart, a seashell pendant,

And a necklace with a stone insert

Lalo attached all of my pieces, and other student's productions, into a wax tree to make a plaster mold.

The melting of the silver took place in Lencho's ovens at his studio in Coatepec. Vulcano's place was invaded by wild cats. I couldn't count them all, neither pet them.

Melted silver entered the mold in a centrifugal machine

The mold accepted the silver and it looked like sushi

The water boiled instantly while it liberated the silver from the plaster mold

Now a silver tree still to be separated piece by piece. Nothing looked like silver artwork yet

but soon things began to appear...

Here the finished pieces:

My Mexican production