Monday, March 31, 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tomas Rivera Award for Los Gatos Black on Halloween

We are going to San Marcos to receive the Tomas Rivera Book Award!

Not only is San Marcos warm and beautiful, but they make the best of celebrations.

I was there first in 2004 to receive the award for Just a Minute. The next year my husband Tim and I were brought again for the 10th anniversary celebration. All the authors and illustrators winners of the first ten years were there too. We all took turns being interviewed for a film about the award, we rode together in a big van like if we were a rock band, and we talked, had meals together, attended events galore, and were bonded for ever and until the end of the world. Here are a couple of pictures of most of us.

Alright, San Marcos, here come Marisa, Los Gatos Black and I!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Little Night is the 2008 Golden Kite Award for Illustration

Those SCBWI folks always make my day! This is the third time in my life time that I receive a call from Lynn and Steve with good news.

The first time was eight years ago, when they announce that I had won the Don Freeman grant after I presented the very first illustrations of what eventually will become my book Just a Minute. A few years latter they honored me with a Golden Kite Honor.

This year? They left a message in my answering machine, to which I listen to after I came back from running with my dogs. This time my reaction was 1) to call back Lynn and Steve immediately, and 2) to try to do so by using my TV control remote.

That is what happens to my head when I am thinking with my heart.

Open Wide, Look Inside: Just a Minute podcast

Published by Tricia Stohr-Hunt at Open Wide, Look Inside, and narrated by Laura Bradlee, here is a podcast about using Just a Minute: A trickster Tale and Counting Book across the curriculum.