Thursday, September 16, 2010

Inspiration date

My friend Jim and I have inspiration dates each month.

Among the things that don't happen in our inspiration date are the following:
  • French Kissing.
  • Rampant Gossiping.
  • Table dancing.
  • Entering illegally into other countries.
  • The hunting of animals.
  • Tequila drinking.
  • Bungee jumping.
  • Worrying.

Instead, this is what happens in our inspiration dates:
  • We meet somewhere in the bay area.
  • We visit a place where we can find inspiration.
  • Children's bookstores are some of the best places to find what we are looking for. Libraries and exhibit are too.
  • We have adopted the mission to find at least one thing that we love: a story, images with a great style, a new artist, a great book.
  • We bring our object of inspiration home. Some times we bring two or more. And some times they are not for sale.
  • At the end of our date we might have time to create something together, such as this,

And this,

Ay, Llorona from Yuyi Morales on Vimeo.

During our September inspiration date we visited one of our favorite stores, The Storyteller.
There we found artwork that we loved, such as in this book illustrated by Isol

And stories and illustrations that made us laugh

And even some shocking art coincidences.

At the end, I chose my favorite.

But what we found together was rich and hard to choose only one. Here are the books that caught our attention at our date. It was hard to leave them behind.

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