Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Found inspiration

The days when I begin a new book are much like these: reading, reorganizing my space, looking, choosing materials and colors, ordering supplies, writing things I don't want to forget, making to-do lists, staring at the wall, daydreaming, and a lot of imagining. Mostly my job these days is to look hard and find things that make me feel in love and alive so that I can work and begin to create. Here some of wonderful things I have found:

Buildings & Vampires from Nico Casavecchia on Vimeo.

Lucky from MIE on Vimeo.

Denmark from Mark Smith on Vimeo.

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Hal Martin said...

Hola Yuyi -

Your blog readers will surely want to read your latest interview!

-- HM <3 (el marido de Laura Lacamara)