Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Cesar Chavez day

Cesar Chavez Day is a day for service. What about celebrating reading?

Here are my favorite children books about Cesar Chavez:

Cesar: Si, Se Puede!, Yes, We Can! By Carment T. Bernier-Grand and David Diaz. Beautiful heartfelt poems tell about the life and work of Cesar Chavez.

Elegy on the Death of Cesar Chavez, by Rudolfo Anaya and Gaspar Enriquez. A poem Eulogizing Cesar.

Cesar Chavez: A Hero for Everyone
, by Gary Soto and Lohstoeter Lori. A book written by Gary, who is not only an iconic Chicano writer, but also the Young People Ambassador for the United Farm Workers of America.

Harvesting Hope: The Story of Cesar Chavez, by Kathleen Krull and Yuyi Morales.
Of course, this is my most beloved book about Chavez. From the moment I got the manuscript to illustrate, I knew a blessing had fell upon me. I read the text, and the story of Cesar, for the first time one morning in my way to pick my son to school, only to find myself standing up in the street with a knot on my throat. Here was a real hero for me to honor and love.

And here a quick list of books about Farmworkers and Farmworkers life:

Gathering the Sun: An Alphabet in Spanish and English. By Alma Flor Ada and Simon Silva
A Day’s Work. By Eve Bunting and Ronald Himler.
Radio Man: A Story in English and Spanish. Arthur Dorros and Sandra Marulanda Dorros
Calling the Doves/El Canto de las Palomas. By Juan Felipe Herrera and Elly Simmons..
The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child. By Francisco Jiménez.
The Tortilla Factory/La Tortillería. By Gary Paulsen and Ruth Wright Paulsen.
First Day in Grapes. By L. King Pérez and Robert Casilla.
Esperanza Rising. By Pam Muñoz Ryan.

Happy reading.

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