Thursday, June 26, 2008

What to bring to ALA?

While I wait for Miss fuse #8’s next video blog, where she will tell me what to bring to ALA, here is my own list of don’t-forgets:

I-pod with Maria Bethania’s music from album Brasilerinho

Itinerary, addresses, map
Son with waxed eyebrow (yes, one eyebrow is all he has)
Husband with haircut (hopefully)
Pura Belpre Speech
Skyscraper-heels shoes for no walking at the Caldecott/Newberry
Pictures of Chacho and Luna so that I don’t miss them too badly
Silver signing pens
Lots of bob pins
Handmade purse
Gatos Black’ Pura Belpre printed invitations. Print one of your own here

Am I forgetting anything else?

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