Sunday, June 22, 2008

Edison Charter Academy

I visited Noah’s school at the end of last month.
Noah, is a little boy who 1) loves books 2) bakes cookies and other munchies with the help of his family 3) along with his bother and sister goes out into the neighborhood to sells those cookies and munchies so that he can make money to bring author’s to his school. Who wouldn’t want to come and visit Noah’s school? I came and this is what we did:

We painted tattoos
We wore silly hats. Thanks goodness it was crazy hat day at Edison Charter Academy, so I felt just at home. My favorite hat? An hamburger hat with mustard lettuce and all that a teacher was wearing.

We admired the incredible skeletons made at the art class: dancing, skeletons listening music in their i-pod, skeleton super-heroes... you name it. I wish I had taken the art class too.

and we made faces at the photographer
It was a mighty good day in San Francisco!

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