Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rose’s Fliying Luchadora Boot

My friend Rose's foot is an activist, hard working, long walked, well loved appendage. But Rose went snowboarding to Tahoe and came back with Foot broken.
Since the doctor said immobilization was required, we gave Foot a new healing outfit.
Here is Foot with its new flying luchadora boot.

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Anonymous said...

Hello fellow friends, fans and family!

As you know, Yuyi loves eskeletos, dancing Calaveras and happy dog bones, so of course she’d see the beauty and even look for the gift in my broken bones.

Yuyi is also a healer. If you don’t transform your pain, you transmit your pain. Adding the letter "t" to the word "pain" transforms it to "paint" So with cans of cheerful paint, laughter, protest music in Spanish and a vision; my cast became a boot of joyful resilience. When people see this healing work of art on my leg, instead of feeling sorry for me, their spirits lift, sonrisas brighten their faces, they laugh, and give me regalos of positive energy.

Can fractured bones grow wings? Si se puede! With the help of luchadora friends like Yuyi — they can fly.

One thousand thanks Yuyi,