Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jefferson School Rocking Again

From Jefferson School in San Francisco, I received in the mail an envelope full of grandmothers, skeletons, witches, cats, sisters made of sand, moon balls, you name it. Wow!

I have been presenting at Jefferson School’s Author’s Day for a few years now, and every time they have surprises for all of us, authors participating. For instance, last year the children painted plastic chairs inspired in the color, elements, and images of every author’s books. Mine was “skeletonically” stunning!
This year the children sent me, straight from their classroom, a great menagerie of images inspired in my books.

And so, here, seen through the art of the Jefferson School children, are some of the best moments from Just a Minute:

Here notice the many looks of charming Señor Calavera:

Sand Sister inspired these storytelling drawings:

Next, from ghastly Los Gatos Black on Halloween, the witches!

The pumpkins, cats and zombies!

Oh, the skeletons!

Look out for the haunted house, the mummy, but mostly the vampire!

And of course, here is Little Night and her Mother Sky. Beautiful.


Marie said...

Thank you Yuyi for posting some of our second graders art! How fun is was to see it!!! We all can't wait for the follow-up to "Just A Minute" and we can't wait to see you again!!

Yuyi Morales said...

Marie, it was my pleasure being there again this year, and then coming back home and receiving the children’s drawing. I always love to see through their drawings what they see in my work.
Until next time!