Thursday, October 18, 2007

More questions by children

I was wearing my t-shirt dress, the one that I made by printing images of things I like. And a boy pointed at a picture on it and asked, “What is that?”
There I was happy to introduce my childhood reading: Revistas!
Some of my first literature was old revistas, magazines that my aunts and my parents bought; mostly Mexican comic books and graphic novel printed on brown paper. I had an aunt who sold them in her dark, little groceries store. The revistas were old and used, but she had a rack full of them, and every time we visited her, I spend most of my day reading the merchandise by the foot of a tree.

This year while I was in Mexico I found some of my favorites revistas back in the magazine racks of the street vendors in my hometown. I found, Revista Semanal, with dramatic stories of life, love, betrayal, and death.

Lagrimas y Risas, tears and laughs.

And my favorite of favorites, La Familia Burron, the Burron Familly, which chronicles the adventures of the Burron’s as they try to survive poverty and corruption in the slumps of Mexico City.

One of my favorite episodes was when the Burron mother, lacking food money, makes chilaquiles out of newspapers to feed the entire neighborhood. She was always a hero!

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