Monday, October 15, 2007

Visalia school vists and Arne Nixon Center Conference

Things that happened in Visalia andFresno:
I ate an ice cream sundae.
At one of the schools I visited they had a surprise for me: A beautiful girl in sixth grade told me I am her cousin. Her Mother is Morales, daughter of a Morales, who was related to a Morales, who died a while ago and couldn’t testify for our family relation anymore, but was my relative. I believe her!
I met Aliki. Sublime.

Things I heard in Visalia and Fresno:
“I like your teeth. I mean, the ones that are still there.” Aliki to a tooth gaped child.
“I imagine things” Karen Cushman.

Things I brought home from Visalia and Fresno:
A drawing from a boy who can’t stop drawing.
A poem from a girl.
My portrait by another girl at the library.
A handmade afghan from Kate.
A branch of cotton that George P. picked up from the fields.

One thing a teacher told one of her students really wanted to ask, but didn’t get a chance to:
“What would you like to be if you weren’t an author and illustrator?”
Here is my short answer:
A filmmaker. A Leon tamer. A landscaper. A dressmaker. A street clown. A scuba diver. A trapeze artist. A guitar player. A psychic. A dancer. A doll maker. A puppeteer. A singer. A poet.

And so, here is the poem I brought home

And a photo with Aliky taken by Kate Nelson.


Mo said...

yuyi querdida yuyi adorada!! ayyy que bueno tener un lugar donde saber de ti! ya te extraño!! yo estoy tratando de sacar mi blog tambien o uno de la agencia que por cierto hay nueva socia!! Magy por fin se sumo a nuestro estudio!!! y bueno seguimos en contacto por aqui! un beso MO

Yuyi Morales said...

un beso para ti, tambien, Moni.

magy said...

oye, esta padrísismo el poema que te ragalaron !me hizo reir mucho!

Yuyi Morales said...

Y si vieras con que cariño dan las cosas los niños. Esta niña primero me pregunto si alguna vez he escrito poesia. Despues me fue a buscar antes de mi partida, y me dio el poema.