Saturday, October 1, 2011

Raising Soli

The last four months of my work have been impregnated and defined by a dog. And not any dog but a dangerous one, some would say.

Soli arrive to our family in May when her original foster person, one of my neighbors, became too terrified of the pup to be able to handle him any more due to his aggressive behavior. At the time Soli was about four months old.

Last week, Soli was accepted at Miranda's animal Rescue, thus beginning a new journey of recovery and learning for both Soli and our family. Here is a series of images I have collected of our journey with my Soli.

And now Soli becomes also art.Threshold, by Yuyi Morales. toilet paper tubes , paper, and light.
Assignment for Heroes Art Journey workshop


Maria said...

Yuyi! I love this piece of art. It is haunting and beautiful. Please do a book this way!!!!

Yuyi Morales said...

Thank you, Maria! So, you think I should try, uh? Inspired...

Doret said...

My two favorite photographs are the ones from the San Diego trip in front of the fence, tweaked to have the vintage look. Everything came together, the shot and the subject.

And Chacho is a beautiful chocolate brown

Yuyi Morales said...

Doret, I love those two shots too. And Chacho is not only beautiful, but he is the most caring and lovable dog.