Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blog Tour and book giveaway: A visit from an Abuelita and her Chocolate

Latina author Mara Price recently shared with me the joy of bringing to the world her new book Grandma's Chocolate/ El Chocolate De Abuelita. To celebrate, I am opening the blog tour for her book about this traveling grandma who carries ancient treasures inside her suit case--amongst them stories of brown princesses and delicious chocolate.

I met Mara a few years ago at the Feria del Libro in LA, a true barrio book celebration, and she and I talked about books, illustrating, and her work in Iguana Magazine. Mara is also one of the founders of Los Bloguitos, a blog in Spanish where Mara and other authors share poetry, drawings, stories, riddles and much more to children.

Now, Mara not only is giving me a chocolate craving (one of my earliest memories of chocolate is the irresistible smell that came from the old Chocolate Locomotora factory a few block away from where my grandmother lived), but Mara is also bringing presents.

First she is sharing for the first time the video trailer for Grandma's Chocolate/El Chocolate De Abuelita. The second present is a book giveaway. One lucky person who leaves a comment to this post will receive a copy of her delicious book. But remember, we will need to receive at least four comments from different people to give the book away. So, are you game?

See below for more information about where to follow the blog tour.

A toast with hot chocolate (and a sprinkle of chile powder on top, the way the Aztecs used to drink it). Salud.

Blog Tour schedule and information:

Tuesday, November 16
On Beyond Words & Pictures
Chocolate recipe and the importance of chocolate in Mesoamerica
by Megan Frances

Wednesday, November 17
La Bloga
The Story Behind the Story
by Rene Colato Lainez

Thursday, November 18
Out of the Paintbox
Mara Price interview
by Diane Browning

Friday, November 19
Latin Baby Book Club
Book giveaway
By Monica Olivera Hazelton

*Monday, November 22
Writing a History-based Fiction Story for Children
By Adriana Dominguez




Angie Zapata said...

I'm a fan of this book as I have always enjoyed starting the year with a unit on chocolate with the kids. Not only does it get students excited about non-fiction, but it also opens up learning to the Aztec history that is often neglected in traditional textbooks. This book is a perfect addition to the collection, as a dual narrative: a story of a girl and her grandmother AND the history of chocolate!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read this book. I am a collector of Latina authors, both adult and children's books and LOVE LOVE chocolate - especially Mexican hot chocolate! This would be a great collection to my library as well as an addition to any library to help celebrate Latino culture and heritage!

Carolina said...

My favorite 2 things all in one ~ children's books and chocolate! Can't wait to get the book to read to my granddaughter and her friends!

Nydia said...

Bravo! I am excited to add this book to our reading selection. My children and I share story time every night and are always looking for new ones that we can read together and then share with their compañeros at school. Thank you for this work!

Rhonda said...

Our Summer Reading Theme at my library this summer is "One World, Many Stories" and I feel that this book captures important aspects of Mexican/Mexican American culture including highlighting the importance of the elderly in the lives of their grandkids as well as touching on the Aztec heritage, their language, and wondeful discovery of chocolate! My Latino patrons (mostly of Mexican ancestry) are constantly coming into the library looking for new stories to read with their children and are also happy to find books which help in passing down certain aspects of their cultural heritage to their future generations. This book is sure to wet the appetite of some of these patrons and maybe teach others more about their neighbors.

Elsie La Profesora de Espanol y Ingles said...

This book appeals to a universal audience, because nearly everyone can relate to a grandparent, bringing a special gift or making a special food. I can already tell this book teaches an appreciation for family and Aztec culture. I certainly like the approach of "brown princesses" and "delicious chocolate."

Sarah said...

What a "sweet" trailer! Congratulations on your new book!


jenclair said...

I'm always looking for good children's books! I keep adding to the collection for my grandchildren's visits. This book looks lovely!

Mara Price said...

Yuyi, you are a terrific host. Thank you for your support in promoting my book and posting the trailer. And thank you, too, all for your kind comments and good wishes.

Yuyi Morales said...

Latter today the raffle will take place, and so i will announce the winner of the book.

Yuyi Morales said...

We got a winner! My son took from a e hat a little paper and the name on it was Sarah Wones Tomp!
Sara, would you like to email me your mailing address at so that We can send you copy of Grandma's Chocolate/ El Chocolate de Abuelita. Thank you everybody else for your comments!

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i love to read book specially non fiction book ,This book is a perfect addition to the collection because nearly everyone can relate to a grandparent.