Friday, January 30, 2009

I wanted to sleep over, give the kid lunch money and have the dogs wait a little longer for breakfast. Instead I got this:

Give what you appear not to be getting.

Give what you think you have been searching for.

Give what you believe you are waiting for.

Give generously, without thought of loss and sacrifice.

Give openly, that you might receive what you want.

Give freely, that you may find what you are after.

Give fully, that your waiting may be over.

Above all, give what you want.

Robert Holden

So, yes, I got out of bed.

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pat said...

Each sentence contains meaningful words to live by. If I had to pick one to help me become a better person it would be, "Give generously, without thought of loss and sacrifice."
There are some people who actually live this way. I admire them so much.