Monday, January 14, 2008

Sleepless Monday

This is how my sleeplessness happened: Gene Hatfield from the American Library Association called Sunday evening, but I was still riding the train back home from my friend’s baby shower. Son took the message. When Son takes a message you can expect him to forget it.
Ok, Son remembered when he saw me mopping the floor at 9:30 pm. Of course my ears perked. I am learning now not to ignore ALA telephone calls. Perhaps if I had realized it was already past midnight at the number I was calling back, I might have not returned the call until next day, for which I would have then missed the announcement that Los Gatos Black in Halloween had won the Pura Belpre Medal for illustration and a Pura Belpre honor for the writing!
Gene explained that usually I would have gotten the call on Monday morning, and the whole committee would be cheering in the intercom. But by the time I had returned the call the committee had already gone to bed. Gene also explained that they had decided to spare me a Monday pre-dawn telephone call by calling me on Sunday instead, since they were working on Philadelphia time and I am in California.
So, did the Pura Belpre committee yield me my sleep?
Of course not! I was bouncy and excited the rest of the evening and until late—I even ate a few chocolates and had a sip of wine with Husband and Son. And when I finally went to bed, I rolled on it endlessly savoring the news.
Monday 3:45 am, awake again to check on sleeping Son, to make sure the dogs are not stealing his blanket, to use the bathroom now that I am half awake, and then, of course to remember what a lovely day it is when the Pura Belpre committee takes your sleep by championing your work. Besides, I am awake just on time to watch the live webscast of the ALA Awards! Hold fast!

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